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What can we do to protect ourselves from viruses and bacteria?

UV LEDs have a sterilizing effect against viruses, germs and bacteria’s. In fact, light can help here. More precisely UV-C light. Although the short-wave UV-C radiation of the sun (in the range 100 – 280nm) does not penetrate our earth’s atmosphere, we humans can project UV-C light ourselves thanks to LED technology. But how does light help against viruses and bacteria? The
radiation of the LEDs (usually 250-280nm) is so strong that it can break up the DNA. As a result, the viruses can no longer reproduce and will die, even if they are multiresistant. Corona viruses are also not protected against this. Wonderful thing! Because UV-C LEDs can therefore be used to sterilize surfaces such as door handles, vehicle interiors or even clothing and protect people from infections.

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